Bulbs, fabric and electricity
350 cm ø


Subha means “rosary” in Arabic. The artwork that bears this name forms a luminous spiral on the ground with a diameter of about 3.5 meters. It is composed of ninety-nine illuminated light bulbs attached along an electric cable and covered in white shroud fabric. For Younes Rahmoun, the spiral’s movement departs from the exterior and moves toward the interior, counter-clockwise. Finally, the spiral is composed of knots that tightly cover the light bulbs. “For me, these knots are a way to mark a precise moment, it is the mark of the ‘here and now,’ which acts a little like photography. With this installation, it is a question of enclosing the light, of containing it with a simple gesture, before it diffuses into the space.”

Location: Ermite de Beneixida, Espagne