Terracotta, porcelain and pillow
50 x 25 cm container


Misfat means “strainer” in Arabic. The installation of this name is comprised of a receptacle in the form of a half-sphere made of enameled white matte clay. Riddled with holes along its entire surface, this container holds ninety-nine small balls made of rough white porcelain. The group is placed on the ground, on a white, square cushion. “In this work as in many others,” says Younes Rahmoun, “I tried to use very familiar forms, those known by everyone and used in everyday life, while also connecting them to considerations far-removed from their original purpose. The strainer, the cushion, and the balls are elements that we use everyday but which are, at the same time, very symbolic. For example, the cushion is that which we place on the ground in order to sit very simply, but it also evokes sleep, dreaming.”

Location: Hüsstege Gallery, Den Bosch, Netherlands