Painted wood and green glass
In collaboration with architect Carlos Peréz Marín
400 x 400 x 525 cm


Like the word Ghorfa, Hojra means “room” in Arabic. A large architectural form whose exterior footprint measures 16×16 m, the artwork recalls the mosque’s minaret, the Egyptian pyramids, or Aztec temples. A door directed towards Mecca on the right of one of the walls provides entry into the interior space with a hallway in the shape of a spiral forming a counter-clockwise path. As the visitor moves toward the center, the daylight filtered by the door slowly decreases and reaches a certain obscurity. Finally, at the installation’s center, a small empty room bathes in a green light filtered by a window in the ceiling.

Location: 1st Biennale of Art, Architecture and Landscape, Casa de los Capitanes, Tenerife, Spain